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I'm an Italo-Brazilian artist, live, study and work between Milan and Miami.

I attended Istituto Marangoni Milano for a Fashion Design intensive program and Fine Arts at Accademia di Belli Arti di Brera. Also worked as an apprentice at Atelier Lou Borghetti (Porto Alegre - Brazil) to refine my studies and practice.

Now working and creating my own techniques at my studio. Always discovering and experiencing new things to apply to my paintings. My artworks express how I feel or see people and things, at all time desiring to show through new materials, techniques and mediums my style. 

 My art want to convey emotion and meaning rather than objective reality. In order to express my inner feelings or ideas, the subjects are often distorted, exaggerated or sometimes even completely abandoned or abstracted. 

My language is about the search of expression, feelings, sexuality and abstraction.



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